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Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

Jason Davies

Cobra’s Radspeed design transforms a hybrid from a handy club to have in your bag into a club that helps you conquer the course. There will be a big gap in your bag without one.

Designed for distance and forgiveness, the radial weighting in this hybrid lets you strike the ball with confidence; generating power without the associated risk. We really feel that this Cobra hybrid can change your game.

Key features & benefits:

  • Radial weighting optimises speed and forgiveness
  • Hollow split rails create 70% more flex, improving launch, speed & distance
  • Lighter T-Bar chassis and Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown allows optimised weight elsewhere
  • Infinity CNC face expands the milled area by 95% from previous Cobra models

In order to really feel the benefits of this hybrid, why not book in for an enjoyable fitting experience with a member of the team?


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