What's your preference?

When you’re topping up the old ball pocket, it’s worth thinking about which balls you’re buying in terms of your own game rather than how good the ball is. Sure, Titleist’s Pro V1 & Pro V1x both give you long, consistent ball flights as well as Drop-and-Stop short-game control (not too shabby!), but they have their differences and finding out which is right for you is important.

What about Titleist?

If you’re a very confident ball-striker who likes a penetrating ball flight, the Pro V1 gives you exactly what you want in the most popular design for Tour players. Switching that up slightly, Pro V1x gives you a higher launch with all-round performance that’s heralded the world over by golfers of all abilities.

The answer...

Don’t worry, this isn’t a test – You don’t have to know the answer! There are a wide variety of golf balls available from Titleist alone, and fortunately, we’re on hand to figure it out for you.